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Emojis: Enhancing Business Communication in the Digital Age

In honor of World Emoji Day, we’re celebrating the use of emojis in business communications. Emojis aren’t just for tweens and reality stars, they actually offer a unique and friendly way to[...]


Another Look: Flat Design – A Revolution in Web Design That Is Here to Stay

The internet moves at a lightning pace and the same goes for web design trends. Some however, tend to persist. Today we’re looking back at flat design for websites through the telescope of our [...]


Top 5 Livestreaming Apps for Business

Live streaming gives you the ability to share your experience as it's happening. For business, it’s an opportunity to add a personal touch to digital interactions. Check out our ImaginLive Meet[...]


Giving Back in North Carolina: SPCA of Wake County Video

At Imaginovation, we recognize that the services we offer have an impact on the ability of organizations to reach a wider audience.  Website optimization, video, animation and the other turn-key[...]


Imagine This: 52 Pearls Web Application

Imagine This is a blog series focused exclusively on Imaginovation's web and mobile development projects. 


What’s the Role of Luck in Business Success?

Though we all have a certain amount of control in our businesses, the reality is that success can be a matter of luck. Hard work matters, but when you look at the whole picture, it becomes pretty[...]


Metrics and KPIs: What They Mean for Your Business

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to grow your business and identify trouble spots is to keep a careful eye on your metrics. Your live data is the key to spotting problems before they[...]


7 Blogs to Follow for SEO Trends

Where should you go to learn about SEO trends? The internet can be a sea of information, and knowing which places offer you the best information can be a major challenge for digital marketers.[...]


The Art of Giving Feedback to your Employees

Managing employees means providing a feedback loop. Great employees expect and appreciate feedback—even if it’s criticism. There’s an art to providing gentle and constructive criticism. Done[...]


7 Mobile Apps for Raleigh Locals

As mobile technology becomes easier to develop, we expect to see more location specific apps to help folks out in the Raleigh area. Check out these seven mobile apps for Raleigh locals.


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