Mike Georgiou

Michael is a dynamic business professional with proven success in creative strategy, digital marketing and project management, in both the public and private sectors. He drives Imaginovation’s rapid business growth in marketing and sales owing to his multifaceted and versatile experience in numerous industry verticals. Michael holds an international Master’s degree in Business Communications Marketing from Bond University in Australia and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Marketing from UNC Pembroke.

Recent Posts

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Facebook recently launched a number of features geared towards improving the overall user experience.


How Facebook is Changing Engagement

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Instant Articles and What It Means For Content Marketing

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Have You Made These Startup Mistakes? Let's Undo Them Now!

"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly." - Robert F. Kennedy


The Monthly Wrap: Have You Innovated, Imagined or got Inspired Yet?

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Is Your Mobile App's Retention Metric Heading South?

User retention is incredibly important for ensuring an app delivers high ROI. But this is easier said than done. All mobile app development companies will tell you that retaining users is a[...]


The Rise and Rise of Mobile Apps [INFOGRAPHIC]

A large part of our daily lives is being ruled by mobile apps. We simply cannot do without them. These apps are also playing a huge role in the world of business. They are helping businesses[...]


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