Utilizing Beacons and AI to Enhance the Brick & Mortar Experience

Stores are always seeking ways to connect with customers — and cut through the noise. What if you could upsell a customer while he or she is on the premises, increasing the chance that he is[...]


Differences: Google Home vs. Amazon Alexa

Home devices that answer your questions, give you a rundown of your upcoming schedule, and tell you the weather are becoming a part of people’s lives. These devices are becoming so ubiquitous that[...]


How to Build a Powerful Website with Marketing in Mind

Internet eons ago (otherwise known as 1997), your business website worked as a brochure. The brochure showed your logo, your name, your phone number, and maybe your email address. Perhaps your[...]


7 Tips for Choosing a Mobile App Developer

Mobile app development is a hot field right now because more people are finding that apps are useful tools to market their business, earn income, and help their customers. Once you have decided to[...]


Computer Security Day: What is Keylogging?

Security is an important topic as computers become a significant part of our lives. Computer security is a broad topic, one we must all address, whether we are consumers, hardware manufacturers,[...]


How Marketers Should Leverage Powerful IoT Products

In the movie, “Minority Report,” advertisements target specific people as they walk down a busy street, calling to them by name based on retinal scans. While that level of marketing interaction[...]


6 Situations When You Should Avoid Leveraging AI

AI has many benefits and will be mainstream in a matter of years. But that doesn’t mean all business owners and organizations should hop on board immediately.


How to Leverage Chatbots & AI to Save Money

Technology is replacing many things in our lives, from our alarm clocks and kitchen timers to music players. On the whole, the way we communicate has changed. Companies are starting to realize[...]


Designing a Website with User Experience in Mind

Some companies think of their website as a trifold brochure, something that tells a little bit about you and what you do or offer. But a good website offers so much more: the chance to convert[...]


Web Design Decisions: Say No to Sliders

Sliders are one of the most common options for a website, and if you’re building a new site for your business, you no doubt are considering whether to use one. While commonly found on websites and[...]


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