How SEO Helped Me Close My First 100K Deal

On May 16th, Imaginovation CMO Michael Georgiou spoke at the Raleigh SEO conference about how to leverage SEO to close large deals. The slides are available on Slideshare and you can also check[...]


Database Development Decisions: Switching Cloud Services

Cloud services have become a necessity at most businesses. If you’re reading this article, you probably already know that cloud services offer easy, reliable access to your database in a secure[...]


Should an Entrepreneur Have a "Side Job"?

We live in the age of the “side hustle.” No one seems to have just one job or even one career anymore, but is a side job the right way to go for entrepreneurs? Is it realistic for you to run your[...]


Web Development Decisions: Payment Gateways

Getting paid is arguably the best part of running an e-commerce business, but which online payment gateway should you use? This is a decision that used to be pretty straightforward for businesses,[...]


Emojis: Enhancing Business Communication in the Digital Age

In honor of World Emoji Day, we’re celebrating the use of emojis in business communications. Emojis aren’t just for tweens and reality stars, they actually offer a unique and friendly way to[...]


16 Reasons the App Store Rejects Mobile Apps & How to Avoid Them

Getting your mobile app approved by the gateway guardians of Apple can be complicated. In order for an application to make it into the App Store, it must go through an approval process.


Another Look: Flat Design – A Revolution in Web Design That Is Here to Stay

The internet moves at a lightning pace and the same goes for web design trends. Some however, tend to persist. Today we’re looking back at flat design for websites through the telescope of our [...]


Social Media Day: How Social Has Helped Our Business



It's a Riot: IoT Events in North Carolina



Top 5 Livestreaming Apps for Business

Live streaming gives you the ability to share your experience as it's happening. For business, it’s an opportunity to add a personal touch to digital interactions. Check out our ImaginLive Meet[...]


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