Small Business Week: Best Business Blog Posts

Running a small business is incredibly rewarding, but also challenging. Navigating the business world is no easy task!  No matter what your service, product or level of experience, small business[...]


Giving Back in North Carolina: SPCA of Wake County Video

At Imaginovation, we recognize that the services we offer have an impact on the ability of organizations to reach a wider audience.  Website optimization, video, animation and the other turn-key[...]


Imagine This: Ride Along Mobile Application

The best mobile apps are those that address a specific need in the marketplace, solving a problem or offering something specific to a new audience. Ride Along is a ridesharing app that gives[...]


Essential Steps for Building a Mobile App

Developing a mobile app is popular in today’s start-up world. With daily headlines about this field of products, it’s easy to be attracted to mobile apps as a business model. For instance, Uber is[...]


Cloud Basics: GCP, Azure and AWS

The landscape of information has changed dramatically over the last decade, not only in terms of sheer volume but also in terms of the way that we store it. Once upon a time businesses and[...]


AR and VR Applications

Technology is advancing and modernizing at an accelerated rate. What we used to think of as pure fiction is turning into reality every day. It seems like it was only yesterday that we were[...]


Hipchat vs. Slack: A Winter Migration to Hipchat and Back

Over the past few years, a lot of businesses have adopted cloud-based platforms for messaging to increase the collaboration of their team. These platforms are designed to decrease extraneous[...]


Imagine This: Homeschool Butterfly Web Application

Imagine This is a blog series focused exclusively on Imaginovation’s web and mobile development projects. 


World Backup Day: Is Your Business Data Secure?

There’s that sinking feeling in your stomach when you lose a file that you needed. You know the one, the feeling that you’re going to have to recreate a massive load of work that is going to cost[...]


Imagine This: PsychScribe Mobile App

Imagine This is a blog series focused exclusively on Imaginovation’s web and mobile development projects. 


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