How Businesses are Using Election 2016 to Boost their Brand

Every four years, the presidential election dominates the news cycle. It pulls in a massive amount of air time on the news and completely takes over the imaginations of most everyone in America.[...]


Digital Rebranding: 9 Vital Steps to Maintaining Current Followers

Rebranding is a huge decision. As a business rebrands itself, it faces the task of setting new expectations, conveying a new message and holding on to the old customer base as well as appealing to a[...]


Election Year: What Yard Signs Teach Us About Traditional Marketing

It's an election year and that means my nemesis has returned: Yard signs.


A Tale of Brand Protection: Tampa Bay Lightning Bans Penguins Gear During NHL Playoffs

As a Carolina Hurricanes hockey fan and a Season Ticket Member, at that, I am accustomed to seeing MANY opposing NHL team jerseys during our home games. There are two reasons for this:


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