Essential Steps for Building a Mobile App

Developing a mobile app is popular in today’s start-up world. With daily headlines about this field of products, it’s easy to be attracted to mobile apps as a business model. For instance, Uber is[...]


Mobile Commerce: Are You Doing it Right?

Last year, over 70% of Americans were using mobile smartphones and that number is growing fast. Couple that with the fact that a quarter of all e-commerce transactions last year happened on mobile[...]


Matching KPIs to Your Sales Funnel

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators (sometimes also abbreviated as KSI for Key Success Indicators). It refers to performance metrics, which is just a buzzwordy way to say specific, targeted[...]


Social Media: What to Look for in 2017

Let’s start with this fact – 2016 was a fundamentally transformative year for social media. Online interactions were already deeply embedded in the way that people lived their lives, but this year[...]


12 Trending Topics to Boost Your Content Game in 2017

Predicting what’s going to be trending is tricky business – there is no such thing as a crystal ball in content marketing. While we can’t know for sure what’s coming, we can certainly make[...]


6 Blogs for Keeping Up with Digital Marketing Trends

Online marketing is confusing for new businesses. It’s as simple as that. To add to that, there is a plethora of information online and it’s difficult to know whose advice to follow.


The ABTs (Always Be Thinking) of Business

As the CEO of Imaginovation, I am always thinking. Every second of the day from the moment I wake up until the end of the day when I fall asleep. Startups require us to stay on the ball, out in front[...]


Advantages of Guest-Blogging and Why New Entrepreneurs Should Do It

Let’s look at why guest blogging is effective and why new entrepreneurs especially should tap into its power.


5 Compelling Reasons to Diversify the Content on Your Blog

When we think of a blog, we typically think of content text-based blog posts, usually around 700-800 words in length.


The Best Business Online Reputation Management Tools

We hope you are already convinced that you must track the online reputation of your business and do so with regularity. However, because the Internet is a vast space, it's difficult for businesses[...]


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