Essential Steps for Building a Mobile App

Developing a mobile app is popular in today’s start-up world. With daily headlines about this field of products, it’s easy to be attracted to mobile apps as a business model. For instance, Uber is[...]


The Art of Giving Feedback to your Employees

Managing employees means providing a feedback loop. Great employees expect and appreciate feedback—even if it’s criticism. There’s an art to providing gentle and constructive criticism. Done[...]


6 Lessons Small Business Owners Can Learn From the Olympics

The Olympics are the talk of everyone around the world, and with good reason. Though the Games are rife with issues, they also must be praised for rousing achievement in culture, sport and business.[...]


Brutal Entrepreneurs: 5 Ways Launching a Start-Up is like Game of Thrones

Let’s be real, there’s a reason that Game of Thrones is so incredibly popular – it resonates with the world that we live in. In so many ways we see that launching a business is not  completely[...]


Growth Hacking: Four Startups That Did It Right

In the wild world of growth hacking, the only way to know that you’ve done it right is to grow! If your growth hacking techniques are top-notch, your company should be making waves and making money.[...]


For the Love of Business: Online and Offline Startup Communities



How Long Until Mankind Creates a Virtual Universe?

It’s both tantalizing and terrifying - the notion that reality does not have to be as we currently experience it. From Plato’s cave to The Matrix, the idea that the world is not what it appears to[...]


6 Business Lessons You Can Learn from E-commerce Leaders

E-commerce is an evolving space. Every company goes through an online learning curve and eventually benefits from it. Retail chieftains who lead from the front are the wise salesmen of our[...]


Have You Made These Startup Mistakes? Let's Undo Them Now!

"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly." - Robert F. Kennedy


8 Self-Funded Entrepreneur Startups Success Stories

Many aspiring entrepreneur believe that to build a successful company they first need to get funding from some venture capitalist or angel investor. This, "backing" they believe is critical if they[...]


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