8 Essential Tips for Creating a Secure Mobile App

Mobile is everything today. We find it in every kind of business, in almost every household in America and in the hands of people all around the world. People tend to inherently trust these slick[...]


6 Podcasts for Mobile App Developers

Inspiration for improving mobile app development expertise can come from anywhere. One of the best places for it to come from is podcasts.


Advantages of a Mobile Shopping Experience

Mobile isn’t just here to stay, it’s growing and fast! With current growth trends, as many as 90% of Americans will be using smartphones in less than four years and the story is much the same[...]


5 Mobile App Development Tools for Beginners

The right tools will make any job easier and more successful. Mobile app development is no exception!


Easy E-Commerce for Non-Tech Business Owners

We are immersed in the era of e-commerce, and the modern business owner has many choices when it comes to e-commerce platforms. Some tech savvy entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of e-commerce,[...]


The Cost of Doing Nothing

A high quality application life cycle management system is critically important in the success of a business. So why do we see more and more vendors falling short when it comes to updates and[...]


Mobile App Development for the Retail Industry – Dos and Don'ts

If there's one industry that has embraced the mobile app technology wholeheartedly, it is retail. With tons of fashion, décor, utility and marketplace apps on mobile, we are seeing newer and[...]


Let's Get Some Things Straight about Cloud Computing: 4 Myths Squashed

From an over-hyped security issue to a necessary business driver, cloud computing has come a long way in the past few years. This technology has been rapidly adopted by businesses of all[...]


QA Engineer or Tester: Who Should You Use for Mobile App Development?

One of the leading challenges in mobile app development is getting apps to the market on time, and within the estimated budget. Enterprises or SMBs either hire full-time staff or outsource work to[...]


How Would Social Media Pivot If Twitter Were to Decline?

Since 2012 we've been hearing rumors of Twitter dying; however, this time around the news seem to be unfeigned with hard statistics to show for it.


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