Imagine This: PsychScribe Mobile App

Imagine This is a blog series focused exclusively on Imaginovation’s web and mobile development projects. 


Imagine This: 52 Pearls Web Application

Imagine This is a blog series focused exclusively on Imaginovation's web and mobile development projects. 


The Art of Giving Feedback to your Employees

Managing employees means providing a feedback loop. Great employees expect and appreciate feedback—even if it’s criticism. There’s an art to providing gentle and constructive criticism. Done[...]


7 Mobile Apps for Raleigh Locals

As mobile technology becomes easier to develop, we expect to see more location specific apps to help folks out in the Raleigh area. Check out these seven mobile apps for Raleigh locals.


Google's Matt Cutts Moves to the Public Sector

In a move that didn’t come as surprise to many of the people watching the United States Digital Service (USDS), the now former head of Google’s spam team has decided to stay in the public sector[...]


How to Make Awesome Corporate Videos

As the technology supporting quality videos becomes more widely and easily available, we are witnessing a jump in the numbers of videos being produced every day. Not surprisingly, businesses are[...]


Did Amazon Go Just Make the Checkout Line Obsolete?

Did Amazon just make the retail checkout line obsolete?


Top Tech Stories of 2016



What We Learned From These 5 Trendy Websites



The Internet of our Favorite Things: 6 Smart Devices We love

Technology makes life more and more interesting and convenient. The Internet of Things has been a long time in the making and is finally beginning to make the kind of difference to our lives that[...]


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