7 Blogs to Refuel Your Creativity

Who doesn’t want to create better content?


5 Ways Technology is Revolutionizing the Presidential Election

Eight years ago, then candidate Barack Obama was the first major presidential politician to utilize technology by fundraising online. This year the dramatic upswing in live coverage of[...]


Social Starts at Home: Our Favorite North Carolina Hashtags

Social starts at home.

There’s a wide sense that social media is a worldwide phenomenon, which it is, but people still live, work, and shop close to home. Local social has the potential to breathe[...]


Video Trends We Love

Video draws us in, makes us feel as though we’re seeing into another world. Moving pictures have revolutionized the way that people think of the world around them, expanding notions of what was[...]


How Businesses are Using Election 2016 to Boost their Brand

Every four years, the presidential election dominates the news cycle. It pulls in a massive amount of air time on the news and completely takes over the imaginations of most everyone in America.[...]


5 Best Cinematic Spots in Downtown Raleigh

Raleigh is a beautiful city, with character and interest that offers bountiful opportunities for inspiration when it comes to video production. Whether it’s a commercial venture or an artistic[...]


6 Ways Facebook Makes the World a Better Place

Over 1.6 billion people use Facebook every month. Almost 2 billion people log into Facebook daily.


Did Apple Remove the Headphone Jack at the Right Time?

You run the risk of exposing yourself to failure, criticism and ridicule each time you introduce a bold new feature or dare to go against the tide. Apple, of all companies, is aware of that. Apple[...]


ASO Differences: App Store vs. Google Play

There are more than 1.6 million apps on the Google Play Store and 1.5 million on the Apple App Store. Together, these two control 95% of the mobile app market.


Election Year: What Yard Signs Teach Us About Traditional Marketing

It's an election year and that means my nemesis has returned: Yard signs.


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