Amazing Ways Local Businesses Cash in on Animazement

Every year, Animazement rolls into Raleigh, NC the last week in May. It's the greatest people watching event Downtown Raleigh has ever seen! Anime fans don elaborate costumes and romp about the[...]


5 Lessons From Instagram’s New Logo

Brands of all kinds should take notice. Instagram’s new logo is being universally hated (well, almost). One article called it “pretty bad,” while another labeled it a “travesty.”


Mayweather vs. McGregor: Battle of the Brands

In the modern world of social media, fighters don’t just battle to land punches - they battle for social media followers and trending hashtags.


Top 5 reasons I want to win the HGTV Smart Home

Like most of us, I like my house. I just like it.


A Tale of Brand Protection: Tampa Bay Lightning Bans Penguins Gear During NHL Playoffs

As a Carolina Hurricanes hockey fan and a Season Ticket Member, at that, I am accustomed to seeing MANY opposing NHL team jerseys during our home games. There are two reasons for this:


12 Web Design Trends We Love

What year was that Website published? In many cases, you can ballpark the year that a given Website was created just by looking at its design. Just like you can tell when a family picture was[...]


Which Presidential Candidates are Winning at Social Media?

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. We use it communicate, share and even make decisions. It’s a powerful tool for individuals, businesses and politicians.


What Political Campaigns Teach Us About Personal Branding

Let us bring you in on a little secret - it’s an American election year. While it seems like this incredible event that takes over the country every four years is completely disconnected from the[...]


TBT: What MySpace Taught Us About Social Media

The available of the Internet changed the world by allowing people to connect in ways they never have before while simultaneously giving everyone a voice. Suddenly you didn’t need to have a lot of[...]


How Facebook is Changing Engagement

The advent of social media in general and Facebook in particular has changed the way we connect with each other. Facebook has become a central hub of socialization, the place that people go to for[...]


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