World Backup Day: Is Your Business Data Secure?

There’s that sinking feeling in your stomach when you lose a file that you needed. You know the one, the feeling that you’re going to have to recreate a massive load of work that is going to cost[...]


11 Must-Follow Blogs for Small Businesses

We live in a wonderful era where people believe in sharing their experiences and expertise for the greater good of humanity. Technology and the open nature of the internet has clearly had its[...]


6 Lessons Small Business Owners Can Learn From the Olympics

The Olympics are the talk of everyone around the world, and with good reason. Though the Games are rife with issues, they also must be praised for rousing achievement in culture, sport and business.[...]


Brutal Entrepreneurs: 5 Ways Launching a Start-Up is like Game of Thrones

Let’s be real, there’s a reason that Game of Thrones is so incredibly popular – it resonates with the world that we live in. In so many ways we see that launching a business is not  completely[...]


6 Ways Small Businesses are using Pokémon Go for Creative Marketing

Rarely does come along a game, or anything for that matter, that so completely takes over an entire population’s imagination. Last week saw the debut of Pokémon Go, an augmented reality game by[...]


How Will Voice Search Affect SEO?

Search engine optimization is primarily about adjusting to new technologies and trends as they affect search. Over the years we have seen Google make hundreds of updates to its algorithms (though[...]


Marketing Lessons from Famous Internet-Famous Cats

There are two types of people on the Internet: those who love cats and those who don’t.


National Small Business Week: 12 Must Read Articles for Success

It's National Small Business Week here in America and we are thrilled to take part in celebrating the vigor, passion and dedication of the entrepreneurial community!


The ABTs (Always Be Thinking) of Business

As the CEO of Imaginovation, I am always thinking. Every second of the day from the moment I wake up until the end of the day when I fall asleep. Startups require us to stay on the ball, out in front[...]


5 Tricks/Tools Every Small IT Business Should Be Using

When running a small business you want to save as much time as you can while maximizing your productivity. Fortunately, this is easier to do now with a plethora of tools available at our disposal.


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