SEO: What to Look for in 2017

The one constant in life is change. On the web there’s always something changing, particularly when it comes to SEO.


Social Media: What to Look for in 2017

Let’s start with this fact – 2016 was a fundamentally transformative year for social media. Online interactions were already deeply embedded in the way that people lived their lives, but this year[...]


Am I Hitting My Target Market? 5 Key Insights from Facebook Analytics



Organic and Paid SEO: How They Work Together

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t easy. That’s made all the more difficult because SEO is something that’s not only relatively new in the scheme of things, but also because SEO[...]


How Businesses are Using Election 2016 to Boost their Brand

Every four years, the presidential election dominates the news cycle. It pulls in a massive amount of air time on the news and completely takes over the imaginations of most everyone in America.[...]


Opportunities and Challenges to Shape Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video continues to rise in popularity. YouTube attracts more than a billion visitors each month, and people of all ages and backgrounds watch videos on a weekly, if not a daily, basis.


Should You Apply for a Verified Twitter Account?

Up until a few days ago, a verified Twitter account was a privilege accorded to big shots and top guns. In our culture, that would be celebrities, big-name politicians, and CEO’s--in short, those[...]


Does Your Social Media Strategy Need a Makeover?

The world of social media evolves at break-neck speed. Businesses and social media marketers have more networks at their disposal every day. This can be frustrating given the unique demographics of[...]


Growth Hacking: Four Startups That Did It Right

In the wild world of growth hacking, the only way to know that you’ve done it right is to grow! If your growth hacking techniques are top-notch, your company should be making waves and making money.[...]


6 Ways Small Businesses are using Pokémon Go for Creative Marketing

Rarely does come along a game, or anything for that matter, that so completely takes over an entire population’s imagination. Last week saw the debut of Pokémon Go, an augmented reality game by[...]


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