Should You Apply for a Verified Twitter Account?

Up until a few days ago, a verified Twitter account was a privilege accorded to big shots and top guns. In our culture, that would be celebrities, big-name politicians, and CEO’s--in short, those[...]


Does Your Social Media Strategy Need a Makeover?

The world of social media evolves at break-neck speed. Businesses and social media marketers have more networks at their disposal every day. This can be frustrating given the unique demographics of[...]


How Hamilton Creator Lin Manuel Miranda Harnessed the Power of Social Media

It’s been the hottest ticket on Broadway for nearly a year now - Hamilton.  The raucous, diverse, political, innovative masterpiece of the incomparable and now infinitely famous Lin Manuel Miranda[...]


Social Media Interactions: How Customers Connect with Your Business

When it comes to interacting with customers on social media, there's a lot more to worry about than just an inbox. In this post, we'll explore the many avenues of communication on popular social[...]


10 IFTTT Recipes to Growth Hack Twitter

If This Then That is an automation service that allows users creative control over their apps and tools. With IFTTT, your imagination is your friend. It works with 297+ services in all, including[...]


How Would Social Media Pivot If Twitter Were to Decline?

Since 2012 we've been hearing rumors of Twitter dying; however, this time around the news seem to be unfeigned with hard statistics to show for it.


How You Can Use Social Media for Customer Management like These Brands

Most well-known organizations have been leveraging the power of social media to improve their customer management processes.


Facebook or Twitter Marketing, Which Is Better for Your Business?

The Internet provides a great business environment for companies big and small. But it is also a very competitive space and requires you to employ the best strategies to stay on top of the game.[...]


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